Drones – safe or not

Well, I exaggerated, but do not expect to achieve the results you see in the promotional video, the first few fields even with the easiest management Dronov. Turn on all options to limit the speed and rotation, reduce the scope of the remote and generally do all possible steps to secure your drone. In all probability you will break a few times before you master the control scheme. In fact you will continue beating and then. Repairs are expensive parts arrive slowly and procedures are generally relatively complex, especially if you have no experience with fine soldering iron and electronics.

Several crashes later comes the most pleasant time of possession of drone – the first flight, in which you feel that really control already a dear friend. The feeling is truly magical. That childhood dream to manage a real flying “thing” that can be raised really high and to control with incredible precision, has come true.

Combined with real-time video you see on your smartphone or tablet, several fields will feel like a master of the world. Then, when you know exactly how to keep the virtual button to swoop inches above the ground and are so familiar with the behavior of the drone that can prune a tree with blades without damaging them.

If you decide to get a drone, buy at least three batteries, as most models last for about 15-20 minutes. The experience is actually damn fun of chasing confused birds to conversations with passers-by who are genuinely puzzled by what is happening to view over the neighborhood, which you’ve never seen.