Drone for all

If you are a technology enthusiast, excited by science or just admit that you Geekie / nerd, the chance to want to buy a drone is huge. My friends who fit this profile (most of my friends), without exception, want to acquire affordable quad or hexa. It’s for those who have not yet bought, of course. About a year ago I succumbed to temptation and I got Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to photograph and write a detailed review, which already would be too far from the definition of relevance. However, a year later I have the opportunity to share briefly impressions of one of the most popular drones in the world and to share a common view of this type of aircraft.

No, I do not mean the day spent in the office, though he certainly was the worst part of the experience. I had to answer questions like: “This helicopter can you carry weapons?” and “Can you fly it?”, but today I remember them with a smile and customs lady remembered me as “the man with the helicopter.” It’s about the first flight.

If like me your only experience with remote controlled devices is limited to the TV, be prepared to fail. Magical expectation that will turn the drone will exit fairy green meadow and windless sunset will fly under the colors of the rainbow is as far from the truth. More likely drones you to shoot with great speed in perfect vertical and then be absorbed by the wind, thrown into a tree / bird / person and broken soil.