GoPro – drone’s favorite

But what caused the company’s success and drive? Is it likely that this is only a temporary phenomenon, or GoPro may be necessary as the main camera in the future? It will keep on growing competition? The reasons for the success of GoPro two. The first is technological and practical. Smartphones long had the opportunity to shoot long videos in high definition. Only in the last two years, smart phones started to catch up on this indicator. But instead of traditional handheld cameras to occupy the niche, GoPro won because of their practicality. More first devices of the company were small, portable, durable shooting on the move and under water. They are aimed primarily at fans of extreme experiences and allow filming of “first person”. Their compact and can be mounted on almost any surface makes irreplaceable. In combination with the built-in lens “Fisheye”, which gives a panoramic view, creates the illusion of the viewer, that takes the place of the person who performed the action – be it skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing or more.

Here comes the second reason for the success of GoPro. It is the ability to share the experience. In other words, sharing a video on YouTube or social networking allows you to enable people who are not engaged in an extreme sport to see the perspective of the athlete. Therefore, an important element in the marketing strategy of GoPro is keeping YouTube Channels and continuous release of interesting clips captured with their cameras to gain popularity.

Some success of GoPro and what distinguishes them from other similar devices is that it offers something that the smartphone can not – provide real and different shooting. To be more personal and closer to the user.

“They do not just sell video, they sell memories of surfing or skiing down the slopes,” said Ben Arnold, a technology analyst at the NPD Group, quoted by the magazine Wired. “She is entering an era in which the way of life that offer technology is the key to success.”